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Book Rental Scheme & Equipment Lists

Killorglin Community College runs an excellent Book Rental Scheme which caters for all students in the school.

The rental cost for this scheme is a massive saving compared to buying the books.

The school contribution Fee for 2023 -2024 is 120 euros per student and 270 euros per family, this included the following:

  • Book Rental Scheme
  • School looker
  • Lock for the student locker
  • School Journal
  • Communication costs with parents,
  • Contribution towards stationary, photocopying, postage and text service.
  • Contribution to Extra Curricular activities and buses.

The majority of the school Population engage in the book rental scheme as it offers great value for money as it represents significant saving when compared to the cost of buying the books. Workbooks are not covered in the Book Rental Scheme.

Where students do not avail of the book rental scheme, the school contribution fee is reduced to 60 euros and a maximum fee for the family of 120 euros. For further information please contact the office.

School Contribution Fees can be paid using the Way to Pay App.

If the payment of the above School Contribution Fee will result in financial hardship, we are happy to discuss this- please contact the School Office to arrange an appointment to discuss.

All students and their parents must sign a schoolbook scheme confirming that they are abiding by the schoolbook scheme policy. This is completed annually in their school journal.

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