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Erasmus +

Erasmus +

Killorglin Community College began its involvement with eTwinning, an initiative of the European Commission in 2017. As an eTwinning school, Killorglin Community College is recognised as a pioneer and leader in digital practice, in innovative and creative approaches to teaching and learning, and in promoting collaborative learning practices between staff and students. Two eTwinning National Quality Labels were awarded in August 2019 to two eTwinning projects undertaken at Killorglin Community College. Both projects were also awarded with European Quality Labels in March 2020. One project was entitled ‘Motivation at School through ICT and Innovative Educational Methods’ and the second was entitled ‘Discovering Science and Maths’. Other projects that we have participated in include ‘Own Your Learning’, ‘Participating is more important than ….’, and ‘Walk Through Science’. Throughout the duration of all eTwinning projects, we partnered with schools in Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, France, Croatia, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Reunion Island, Estonia and the Republic of North Macedonia. Staff and students collaborated with their European partners using online digital platforms creating websites, eMagazines and flipped classroom recordings. These projects saw staff and students travel for a week to each of the participating countries and host staff and students during their return visit to Killorglin.

As an eTwinning school Killorglin Community College is also recognised as a leader in promoting the continuous professional development of staff. As passionate educators, staff at Killorglin Community College not only engage with professional development at a national level, but also at a European level. Since becoming involved in eTwinning projects, staff have job shadowed in schools across Europe and attended continuous professional development courses at home and beyond acquiring new ICT and pedagogical skills.

Receiving national and European recognition for their digital and eTwinning endeavours affirms the tremendous work and achievements of staff at Killorglin Community College.

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