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Gaisce – The President’s Award is a self-development programme for young people under the age of 26, which is proven to enhance confidence and wellbeing through participation in personal, physical, community and team challenges. It is a direct challenge from the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, to all young people to dream big and realise their potential.

The President’s Award is non-competitive and self-directed. Participants progress along each award level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) choosing personal skill, physical recreation and community involvement activities as well as undertaking an Adventure Journey. The President’s Award Leader (PAL), vitally supports them throughout the process. Young people who complete the Gaisce programme at any level receive a medal, a pin and a certificate signed by the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins. Should they progress to achieve a Gold award, President Michael D. Higgins presents them with their Gold Gaisce Award at a special ceremony in Dublin Castle.

Our Gaisce Achievements at Killorglin Community College

The Bronze Award is completed in Transition Year and students have the opportunity to progress to the Silver and Gold award at senior cycle. In 2018, 4 students received the Presidents Gold Award. In 2019, 5 students received the Silver award in Thomand Park, Limerick.

6 students were awarded the Presidents Gaisce Gold Award in 2019, the only school in the county to have 6 medallists. In 2020, two students received the Presidents Gaisce Gold Award. Each student works exceptionally hard to achieve the Gaisce Awards, this success is testament to their commitment, hard work and determination.

President Award Leader (PAL)

Teacher Grace O’ Sullivan leads, guides and supports all Gaisce students throughout their journey. Each student is afforded the opportunity to take part in any of the three award levels Bronze, Silver and Gold. We encourage and support students to fulfil their potential. Each award level requires commitment and dedication to overcome the challenges posed in each section. Students explore new activities and develop skills which build confidence and help achieve a sense of accomplishment upon achieving the award.

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Students Experience/Comments

Timothy McGrath (2020): "My Gaisce journey is something that I will never forget and it has helped shape me to be the person that I am today. From supporting your community to learning a new skill to bettering your fitness, I have learned so much while taking part in the programme. I have developed my interpersonal and communication skills while also opening up my eyes to new life experiences. Through the different Adventure Journeys for each award and my own Residential project, I have had amazing adventures with my friends. These memories will stay with me forever. Gaisce was one of my highlights attending Killorglin Community College and every student was given fantastic support and encouragement throughout the programme by our Gaisce PAL, Ms. Grace O'Sullivan."

Lauren Victor (2021):I had such a great experience doing the Gaisce Gold Award. It forced me out of my comfort zone in the most rewarding way. The requirements that we had to meet were things I probably wouldn't have done otherwise, and in striving for the award I was able to have great fun and give back to my community. The biggest challenge I faced was the adventure journey. We had to walk a long distance over a period of four days and although I struggled, I persevered and came out afterward incredibly proud of myself. The whole process helped me better myself and succeed in things I never thought myself capable of.”

2020, 2 students received the Gold Award, Lauren Victor and Natasha Myers.

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2019, 6 students received the Gold Award at Dublin Castle.

Gavin Moriarty, Cian Lynch, Saoirse Fitzgerald, Grace Lynch, Timothy McGrath and Donal Brennan.


Saoirse Fitzgerald 2019


Grace Lynch 2019


Donal Brennan 2019


Timothy McGrath 2019


Cian Lynch 2019


Gavin Moriarty 2019


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