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Patronage and Ethos

Killorglin Community College is a co-educational, multi-denominational school under the patronage of Kerry Education and Training Board and is therefore underpinned by the core values of: 

  • Excellence in Education/Quality;
  • Care; 
  • Equality; 
  • Community;
  • Respect;
  • Inclusion and
  • Learning

As the state provider of education, the ETB sector defines a ‘multi-denominational’ school in the following way: 

In ETB schools, all students are given equal opportunities for enrolment in line with the Education (Admissions to School) Act 2018.  Once enrolled, our schools strive to provide all students with equal opportunities to engage with the curriculum and school life. In all aspects of school life all members of our school communities are treated equitably regardless of their race, gender, religion/belief, age, family status, civil status, membership of the Traveller community, sexual orientation, ability, or socio-economic status.  

ETB schools provide a safe physical and social environment that reinforces a sense of belonging to the school community and wider society. They strive to enable every student to realise their full potential regardless of any aspect of their identity or background. Our schools promote a fully inclusive education that recognises the plurality of identities, beliefs and values held by students, parents, and staff. We prepare open-minded, culturally sensitive, and responsible citizens with a strong sense of shared values. 

In ETB schools, students of all religions and beliefs are treated equally.  The school environment and activities do not privilege any particular group over another whilst at the same time acknowledging and facilitating students of all religions and beliefs. 

Killorglin Community College offers religious education in all year groups as it promotes the holistic development of students and can contribute positively to their wellbeing in line with the principles of the NCCA Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle Frameworks. It facilitates the intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, values and moral development of students and encourages respect for all members of our school community.

In addition, religious education supports the ‘multi-denominational’ aspect of our school ethos as it provides opportunities for students to engage with questions around their own religious or non-religious beliefs and those of their peers.

It is important to understand that our school does not provide ‘religious instruction’ and therefore the legal requirement to advise of the option to opt-out of religious instruction does not arise in this school.

There is an important distinction between ‘religious instruction’ and ‘religious education’:

  • Religious instructionis a term used in Ireland to indicate instruction in accordance with the rites, practices and teaching of a particular religion or denomination for pupils of that religious tradition.
  • Religious educationis open to all pupils regardless of their commitment to any particular religion or worldview. It seeks to contribute to the spiritual and moral development of all students equally.



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