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Rang Sonas

Rang Sonas is our support class for students with ASD, and has become an intrinsic part of school life here at Killorglin Community Colllege.

As its name suggests its purpose is to ensure students under its umbrella are provided with a holistic learning experience within a caring environment and are fully supported to be happy and successful in our school.

Our inclusive approach means that, in the main, students in Rang Sonas are fully integrated into mainstream classes, as appropriate for each individual, and then also avail of specific, tailored supports in Rang Sonas.

The support of Rang Sonas, its two teachers and two SNAs allows for mainstream learning to be facilitated whilst providing a secure safety net when required.

Rang Sonas is not only about supporting academics; it is in fact more about developing skills for regulation, socialising, building friendships, life skills and having fun.

To enable our students achieve their goals while recognising that no two students are the same, we work in conjunction with students, their families, and the wider school community to help students flourish across all aspects of school life and reach their full potential.

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